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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why I'll Never Be A Great Gardener

For one thing, I let my herbs flower and go to seed.  You're really not supposed to do that because you end up with "leggy" plants instead of nice leafy plants.  But they're so pretty when they flower and it's really cool if you end up with "volunteers," my grandmother's term for plants that self seed from the previous year.

Parsley In Bloom

I also can't stand to remove the really cute critters from my herbs.  The caterpillars that turn into Monarch butterflies love parsley.  How could I possibly begrudge this little cutie-pie a yummy snack?

Monarch Caterpillar Feasting On Flat-Leaf Parsley

It's kinda funny, a few weeks ago there was a group of monarch caterpillars on the curly parsley.  The current caterpillar gang is only eating the flat-leaf parsley.  I guess even caterpillars have their favorite restaurants.

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