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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Like Christmas And My Birthday All Rolled Into One

I'm so excited, I can hardly wait.  At long last our kitchen is going to receive a much-needed improvement.  We're replacing this 26-year-old number:

With this:

Well, not exactly this, but a nicely discounted one like it from the "scratch and dent store," our local Sears outlet.  The flaws on the one we ordered should be hidden by our cabinets/counters.

Our old electric tract home/contractor grade range has been on her last "burners" for some time ... no really, only one burner on the stovetop still works right and in the oven only the broiler element still works correctly!  It takes some serious planning to roast or bake when the oven requires an hour to preheat. 

Of course I did valiantly do my part to preserve the life of the old range by using it only very infrequently until the last couple of years.  It was hard work driving through all those fast food joints and placing all those orders for delivery, but I took one for the team.  Papa John's and Chef Chu probably still miss me.

Seriously, though, my hubby is a terrific cook and now I've found out how much I enjoy it.  Our family is committed to eating healthy, frugal, homecooked meals.  It's going to be such a blessing to have the equipment to make it happen.  I'm eagerly anticipating the yummies we can create with a properly functioning appliance.  It's all gas, has two power burners, a regular burner, and a simmer burner, and also an oval center burner for use with a griddle or oversized stockpot, a warmer drawer, and convection oven whose self-clean feature hasn't been hopelessly destroyed by years of misuse.

Lots of tasty recipes coming soon :)

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